Sheldahl, IA Bank Building Blown Up, Jun 1900

Blow Up A Bank Building

Four Robbers Hold Off Citizens in Iowa Town.

Des Moines, Ia., June 1.-The savings bank at Sheldahl, twenty-five miles north of here, was blown up by four robbers last night, who secured $1,600 and escaped after holding fifty or more citizens at bay with rifles.

Shortly after midnight a terrific explosion shook the town and immediately the inhabitants turned out to learn the cause. A glance up the main street showed the building of the savings bank to be in ruins and the timbers burning. Fifty citizens rushed to the scene to be met by the gleaming barrels of two rifles in the hands of two strangers who ordered the citizens to halt. As the ruins burned brighter two other strangers were descried looting the wrecked safe. The crowd of citizens had brought no weapons. The two robbers on guard threatened death to the man who moved from his tracks and the helpless denizens of Sheldahl were compelled to witness the robbery of their savings without lifting a hand in remonstrance.

When the two robbers who were looting the safe had secured all the money available they joined their two confederates and with leveled rifles the four marauders lined up the band of citizens who stood with hands held high as ordered, until the four robbers had backed away into the darkness and fled. The bank building is a total wreck. The loss being estimated at $3,000, and, added to this, the $1,600 secured by the robbers.

No trace of the robbers has been discovered.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 2 Jun 1900