Decorah, IA Famous Avitrix Killed, July 1947

Marge Hurlburt in the Hurricane.jpg Marge Hurlburt in 1946.jpg


Decorah, Ia., July 5. (INS) -- One of MARGE HURLBURT'S flying partners recalled today that shortly before the famed queen's last takeoff she remarked she didn't like stunt flying.
A few minutes later MISS HURLBURT'S plane dived into a plowed field in Decorah in full view of 3,000 spectators who were watching an Independence Day aerial stunt show.
The 32-year-old speed flyer had joined the flying Tigers aerial circus three days before. It was her first attempt at stunt flying.
MISS HURLBURT set a woman's international speed record of 337.635 miles an hour last March 16 at a Tampa, Fla., air show.
She won the Halle trophy at last year's national air races in Cleveland with a speed of 200.5 miles an hour.
She was a graduate of Bowling Green, O., State University and had taught school in Ohio for several years. She also taught flying at airports near Painesville, O., her home town, and was a member of the WASPS for 20 months during the war.

Greensburg Daily News Indiana 1947-07-05