Des Moines, IA Auto Racer Crashes Into Stands, Sep 1951


Des Moines, (AP) -- More than 20,000 persons saw a racing driver killed and 4 spectators injured in a crash Saturday on the Iowa State Fair race track.
Killed when his car went out of control on the west curve of the track was RICHARD CREAMER, 29, of Monahans, Texas. His car climbed another racer and then skidded along a heavy fence atop the track's concrete retaining wall.
The 4 spectators were leaning against the concrete wall. They, along with the driver of the second car, JACK FISHER, 29, of Shelbyville, Illinois, were reported in good condition.
The injured 4 were MRS. EVELYN DOGGETT, 39, and her son, LANNY, 12, of Centerville, and MRS. JAMES HAYNIE and her daughter, PATTIE, of Des Moines.
The accident happened on the next-to-last event on the final auto racing program for the 1951 State Fair.
CREAMER'S body was placed on a train here Sunday night to be taken to Monahans for burial. Mrs. Creamer, along with her 11-year-old son, accompanied the body.

Mason City Globe-Gazette Iowa 1951-09-03