Independence, IA Tornado, Jun 1882

DUBUQUE, June 23.- Word was received here at 10 o'clock last night of a heavy wind and rain storm along the lines of the Illinois Central Railway west, during the afternoon, and that great damage had been done at Independence. The telegraph wires were all prostrated, not one being in working order last night. It is impossible to get communication with the outside. Such facts as we learn were brought in by Conductor Keepers and some passengers. The storm struck Independence at a little before 5 o'clock and wrought great destruction; fences were torn up, barns wrecked, houses leveled, and trees uprooted. Nearly all the business houses were unroofed and the plate-glass smashed. The depot of the Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Railway is said to be a wreck. Fonda's and O'Brien's stores were unroofed, as was also a livery stable, and report says that a bridge across the river was injured. Selle's circus was exhibiting at Independence, but fortunately the blow came up before the evening performance began. The circus tent was badly damaged, and one wagon containing animals was lifted bodily from the ground and carried some distance. Many people were in town, and many of their horses were killed by flying debris and their wagons smashed. Two men were killed, but it is impossible to obtain their names. Another man had his arm broken.

The New York Times, New York, NY 24 Jun 1882