Lisbon, IA Tornado, Jun 1860

The Tornado In Iowa.

[From the Mt. Vernon News Extra, June 4th]

We have to record this morning, one of the most terrible visitations that ever desolated a country inhabited by men. About 6 o’clock last night, a terrible whirlwind or tornado passed a mile south of our town, from West to East.

On eastward it continued its wild work. As it passed south of us, another one of less power seemed to form just north of town and bear off towards Lisbon. Between here and there it was met by a fragment which had broken away from the main storm, when with increased fury it swept north of that village, overthrowing two houses fortunately vacant, the depot building and eating-house, and then passed on to join the main current farther east.

Of its course east of Lisbon we have not the particulars. It is certain, however, that between there and Pioneer Grove eight or ten lives were lost and many others horribly injured, while the destruction of property is even greater than here, nor had its fury, when last heard from, in the least abated.

The town is shrouded in gloom. Stores and all places of business are closed. Men are going to and coming from the scene of the disaster or stand in knots upon the streets talking in subdued tones. Various unauthenticated rumors are passed from mouth to mouth. Some assert that as the storm passed they distinctly saw human bodies whirling in the air.

Appended is a list of the killed and injured, so far as we have learned:

East of Lisbon.

A Mr. PIPER injured, two children killed.
Mr. LATIMER and family injured.
Mr. Wm. ANDRE and wife missing, probably killed.
Five killed in one family by name of ALLEN.

Chicago Press & Tribune, Chicago, IL 7 Jun 1860