Des Moines, IA Tornado, May 1903

DES MOINES, Iowa, May 26 – The tornado struck South Des Moines at dark to-night. It came from the south, but after the greater part of the destruction was wrought, veered to the northwest as it approached the junction of the Des Moines and Racoon Rivers. The property damage in South Des Moines and vicinity will reach $50,000. The KNAUF home and the Christian Church were wrecked, and about forty other buildings were damaged.
About the same time what was apparently another storm struck the packing-house section of town, a mile to the northeast of the scene of the South Des Moines disaster. In this locality the Agar Packing Company, Des Moines Elevator, and Des Moines Malthouse plants were the greatest sufferers, although many other buildings were damaged.
The loss in this section cannot be estimated. High winds prevailed all over the city and minor losses were general. Telephone communication was cut off through most of the city and the electric street railway system was abandoned in East and South Des Moines for the night.
During the past twenty-four hours heavy rains have been general over Iowa. In Des Moines 2.08 inches of water fell. A cloudburst at Adel this afternoon caused a precipitation of more than 5 inches in a few hours. Heavy, rains are reported from Webster City and other points.
The upper Des Moines River is rising rapidly, and a repetition of the flood conditions of last June is feared. The river here stands at eleven feet above low-water mark, having risen but a few inches to-day.
The local Weather Bureau predicts that the floods, from the upper river will reach here tomorrow. Iowa railroads suffered severely to-night from the excessive rainfall, and trains into Des Moines are from three to five hours late.

DES MOINES, Iowa May 26 – Two persons were killed and several injured in South Des Moines by a tornado.

The New York Times New York 1903-05-27