Le Mars, IA Tornado Roars Through County, June 1885


Le Mars, Iowa, June 17. -- As the reports from outlying districts come in it becomes evident that the tornado which swept over Plymouth and Cherokee Counties was attended with great loss of life. The killed, so far as reported, are: MRS. WILLIAM GANO and CHILD, at Marcus, 20 miles east on the Illinois Central Road; NICK MACKEL, aged 65 years; W. GOETCHLE, aged 26, found in a lake; he was struck over the heart with a plank and instantly killed. The losses by death in Cherokee County by Sunday night's storm are reported to number 10. A Bohemian farmer named PAULE was blown into a slough and killed. A woman named CRIGGSBY was also killed. MR. GANO and CHILD were killed near Marcus. One Child is reported killed four miles northeast of Remsen, while its father was said to be fatally injured. Three deaths were also reported in Pitcher Township, but the names were not known. Those fatally injured are: DANIEL HAYES; NICK GOEDERT; MR. and MRS. RUDOLPH LANE; MR. KENNEDY, of Remson, ten miles east of here; MR. MOECKE, aged 50 years, MARY MOECKE, LIZZIE MOECKE, and ADAM GOETCHLE. Those seriously wounded are JOHN SWAIN, MRS. CRAMER, MRS. D. HAYES, and two other ladies in the same house; JOHN GOETCHLE, his WIFE and TWO CHILDREN, JOHN BEAUCAIRE, and MRS. SILAS FORBES. The damage in Cherokee County will amount to $20,000; in Woodbury County, $100,000; in Plymouth County, $100,000; Monona County, $50,000; and Ida County, $50,000. This time there are reports of damage in Buena Vista, Sac, Pocahontas, Calhoun, and Webster Counties, but not enough to form an estimate of the loss. At Bayard and Fort Dodge it was in the form of wind and rain, having spent its fury.

The New York Times New York 1885-06-18