Creston, IA Tornado, May 1903


Creston, May 27.- The worst storm in the history of Creston broke over the city at 4:45 o'clock yesterday afternoon injuring one person probably fatally and several others seriously. Mrs. Elizabeth Toops and her daughter, Miss Maude, were caught in the ruins of their little home, which was entirely demolished and grave fears are entertained for their recovery. The people of Creston have started a subscription for their relief, they having lost nearly all they had in the cyclone

The others injured are:
Floyd De Haven, leg injured by falling timbers.
Miss Libbie Kelley, briused [sic] and cut, seriously injured.
Dean Miller, age 6, left side face briused [sic].
Walt Flemming, left shoulder injured.

Buildings Damaged
The First Methodist Episcopal church, a splendid structure, of which the people of Creston have been justly proud, presents a sadly dilapidated appearance and is damaged to the extent of several thousands. Ten houses were carried off their foundations, several were unroofed and many more had chimneys carried away, while scores of outbuildings were wrecked.

Ottumwa Daily Courier, Ottumwa, IA 27 May 1903


At Creston ten dwellings were blown off their foundations and Mrs. S.E. Troop and daughter were injured in the wreckage of their home.

Reno Evening Gazette, Reno, NV 27 May 1903