Cherokee, IA Area Tornado, Jul 1893

FONDA, Iowa, July 7--One of the most dreadful calamities in the history of the state visited this section last evening in the shape of a devastating cyclone. Owing to the demoralized conditions of telegraph wires it is impossible as yet to get all the details. As far as can be learned the cyclone started southwest of there at about seven o'clock last evening. It swept almost due east leveling everything in its path for a width of a thousand yards, killing and maiming the inhabitants in the tons and thickly populated farming districts. The loss of life is known to be very great, though actual details are far from full. The loss of property is beyond estimation. ...

Two women were killed and several injured six miles south of Cherokee. ... The names of the injured near Cherokee are Mrs. Lesler and Mrs. Monyneau.  Mrs. Herscham, living south of this place, was in confinement at the time and was blown away.

The city of Cherokee which, however, experienced only a heavy rain and hail store.  Some hailstones were as large as turkey eggs.  To show the velocity of the wind, and iron cylinder in a threshing machine was torn out and carried twenty rods.

The Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, WI 7 Jul 1893

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