Newton, IA Tornado, May 1918

Maytag Washing Machine Factory, Newton, IA 1910s, photo from

Two Killed and Many Injured at Newton, Ia.---


Newton, Iowa, May 21.---Two persons are dead and six or more seriously injured, some dangerously, and thousands of dollars damage to factory buildings and houses was done tonight in a tornado here. Trees were uprooted, buildings unroofed and much damage was done to crops.

The Aberdeen Daily American, Aberdeen, SD 22 May 1918


The two persons killed at Newton were caught in the wreckage of a factory, which also resulted in the injury of a half dozen others. Reports from the rural districts say the damage to crops was particularly severe. Railroad officials sent word along the Chicago & Northwestern railroad for doctors and nurses to go to the stricken towns. Between Boone and Marshall all lines were down and fear is felt that the havoc of the storm may be greater than is at present indicated.

The Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN 22 May 1918



NEWTON, Iowa, May 22.----Estimates today of the property damage caused in Newton by yesterday's tornado in which two persons were killed and from six to ten seriously injured, placed the loss at from $300,000 to $400,000. George Reid and George Redding, both employes[sic] of washing machine factories, were killed. The area swept by the storm was two blocks wide and nearly 15 blocks long, striking the city from the Southwest. Three dozen houses were partly wrecked.

Tucson Citizen, Tucson, AZ 22 May 1918