Arnolds Park, IA Store Fire, July 1909

Arnolds Park IOWA Circa 1930's


Early Wednesday morning the Arnolds Park store was destroyed by fire. It was 80x132 feet and was owned by A. L. PECK. It was occupied by J. G. COOK, general merchant, GEO. B. BENDER, druggist, MR. HANSEN, barber, and MRS. N. PALMA. The latter kept a restaurant and lunch counter. The losses were as follows:
A. L. PECK, building, $5,000; fixtures, $3,000; insurance $1,000.
J. G. COOK, merchandise, $7,700; insurance, $3,500.
GEO. B. BENDER, drugs, $2,000; no insurance.
MRS. N. PALMA, supplies, $100; no insurance. MR. HANSEN saved his tousorial outfit.
The origin of the fire is not known.
The owner of the building will replace it with a finer and better structure as soon as possible.

The Democrat Emmetsburg Iowa 1909-07-14