Mayetta, KS Private Plane Crash In Pond, Jan 1967


Mayetta, Kan., (AP) -- Divers recovered parts of the bodies of four men from a large pond yesterday.
The men, all from Lincoln, Neb., were killed Sunday when their 4-place plane crashed. They were enroute to New Orleans to see the Sugar Bowl football game.
The victims were DUANE HOEMANN, 26, manager of a rent-a-car service at Lincoln; LARRY GETCHELL, 39, the pilot and sales manager of radio station KLIN; RAY RENNER, 46, an optical technician; and ROBERT ELLISON, 32, an insurance salesman.
The body pieces were not immediately identifiable from physical characteristics.
The level of the pond on the JOHN E. DIEHL farm had been lowered, exposing parts of the plane. A diving team of BILL and TOM LOGAN, father and son; ED BABCOCK and LARRY MARCH, all of Topeka, discovered the body pieces which were taken to a Holton mortuary.
Watching the recovery operation was HAAKON CARLSON, 32, a junior high school teacher at Lincoln. He said he had planned to make the trip but cancelled out when he could not find a substitute teacher. ELLISON took his place on the plane.
Also at the scene was IRVING SCHULTE of Bern, Neb., the father-in-law of HOEMANN; and two uncles, WAYNE BAKS and KENNETH KELLER of Lincoln.
The plane was believed to have crashed from about 1,000 feet.

The Manhattan Mercury Kansas 1967-01-04