Reserve, KS Tornado, May 1896


Reserve, Kan., May 19. -- This little town of 300 people, ninety-seven miles from Kansas City, on the Omaha line of the Missouri Pacific, and but two miles south of the Nebraska State line, was wiped out of existence by the cyclone which passed over Northeast Kansas Sunday evening. Three persons were killed outright and a fourth died before morning. Twenty-three were injured, of whom several are seriously and probably fatally hurt. Not a store or other business house remains. Most of them, with their contents, are scattered to the four winds of heaven. Of the forty-odd residences in the village, probably ten are now standing, although they are so dilapidated and disfigured as to be scarcely habitable. The two-story frame school house, which is being used for a temporary hospital, is twenty feet off its foundation, and is tilted up to an angle of seventy-five degrees. Such a scene of absolute destruction is seldom presented. The cyclone was particularly hard on churches, and the only two in the town, Methodist and Christian, and a Dunkard church two miles to the west, were smashed like cardboard. The total loss will reach $60,000.

The Journal Gentry Arkansas 1896-05-22