Shawnee County, KS Tornado, May 1892



It Does Considerable Damage to Topeka -- Several People Killed.

Mission township in Shawnee county, in which Topeka is the county seat was visited by a cyclone on the night of the 2nd ________ [?] great damage.
It was a genuine rotary cyclone, and it demolished everything in its path. In some places the very bark was peeled from the trees. Houses were torn in fragments, trees uprooted and crops ruined. The house of JAMES MITCHELL, a farmer, was in the path of the storm. It was occupied by Mitchell was fatally injured. MRS. MITCHELL escaped, but the children were all seriously hurt and are now in a dying condition.
The house of PHILIP LOX was demolished, but the family escaped by taking refuge in the cellar. The residence of CHARLES THRASHER was blown down and THRASHER was badly hurt.
THOMAS BROOKS' house was destroyed and the family were more or less injured, but none were killed. An unknown woman, who had just moved into a house which has long been vacant, was killed outright when the house was demolished.
The house of JOSEPH HURD was blown down and MRS. HURD was killed. JAMES PLAXTON'S house was carried from its foundations and wrecked, and PLAXTON was instantly killed in the fall of timbers. The other members of the family escaped with slight injuries.
SWAN ANDERSON, a farm hand, was working in a field when the storm came up. He was hurled against a stone fence and killed. GABE HALDERMAN, a farmer, was fatally injured in the destruction of his barn.
The Pleasant valley school house was demolished. A number of children had taken refuge there from the storm, but they miraculously escaped death, though some received severe injuries.

Davis County Clipper Utah 1892-05-13