Topeka, KS Tornado Crushes City, June 1966

Topeka KS tornado 6-10-1966.jpg Topeka KS tornado 6-10-1966 2.JPG Topeka KS tornado 6-10-1966 3.JPG Topeka KS tornado 6-10-1966 4.JPG Topeka KS tornado 6-10-1966 5.JPG Topeka KS tornado 6-10-1966 6.JPG

The Salvation Army and Red Cross operated several field kitchens to feed the homeless and the rescue and repair crews rushed in from other cities.

City and Civil Defense officials met late Thursday night to review one day's cleanup progress and examine immediate problems.

They indicated the first concern is to remove rubble and make streets and alleys passable.

After a daylong search, officials felt all the dead and injured had been found.

President Johnson telephoned regrets of the nation and offered aid.

Gov. William H. Avery and officials of the federal Office of Emergency Planning ordered damage estimates which could lead to federal disaster grants.

Mayor Charles W. Wright, Jr., haggard after more than 24 hours of phoning, planning and directing the first cleanup efforts, held the night session of city officers.

The worst tornado ever for this city of 125,000 skipped over a mound at the southwest edge of town shortly before dusk Wednesday and began a deathly sweep that cut a swath up to one-half mile wide. It ended 15 miles away at Municipal Airport northeast of the city.

"It apparently didn't rise up anywhere," said Fire Chief LYTTLE after an inspection trip. "Most of them hopscotch some, but I don't think this did."

Atchison Daily Globe Kansas 1966-06-10