Frankfort, KS Tornado, May 1896


Blown to Kindling Wood at Frankford - No One Killed, but many hurt

Frankford, Kas., May 17. - At five o'clock this evening a terrific cyclone swept down upon the town of Frankfort from the southwest. Everything in the north and west ends of town were completely wrecked Probably three score of buildings were razed to the ground. Some of the best residences were blown to atoms.

Reports coming from the country where heavy damage has been done, will materially swell the loss. Many are reported painfully injured, but so far as known, no one has been killed. Many head of horses, cattle and other stock have been killed. The Methodist and Christian churches were demolished, and the Presbyterian church was badly wrecked. Scores of people who are left homeless are being cared for tonight in public halls and in the homes of more fortunate citizens.

Those most seriously injured are:
HENRY KENNEDY, nose broken and
P CUDMORE, head bruised
P MOREAN, badly hurt
Mrs. ARTHUR and two children
Captain J B TODD

The small number of casualties is accounted for by the fact that nearly all of the people fled to their cellars and cyclone caves.

Reports coming in from Vleits and Seneca say the cyclone was severe at these points. The latest estimate is that fully 100 substantial buildings have been destroyed in the town and surrounding country.

The Wheeling Register, Wheeling, WV 18 May 1896