Louisville, KY West Main Street Fire, Dec 1894

Louisville, Ky., Dec. 29.--The fire which broke out at 585 West main street in the four-story building occupied by Stuckey, Brent, & Co., was not under control of the fire department until 5 o'clock. Stuckey & Brent's loss on the stock is $82,000. Mrs. Mary Tuvis' building, $80,000; J. H. Quast & Co., rubber goods, $40,000; Banford, Lawson & Decker, millinery goods, $15,000; T. C. Leer estate building $25,000; J. M. Robinson and Norton & Co., dry goods and clothing, $260,000; Dudley Milliken estate building, $30,000; C. H. Bliss, wholesale millinery, $30,000; J. V. Reed & Co. Printers, $5,000; Mrs. W. McDowell, building, $5,000; B. S. Weller, shoes, $1,000.

About 4 o'clock Major Hughes, chief of the fire department, fell in the middle of the street from exhaustion and exposure, but he refused to leave his post. At last his men carried him to Seelbach's hotel and placed him under a doctor's care. A number of firemen were hurt, but not seriously. Chief Hughes seems to be suffering most.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 29 Dec 1894