Anton, KY Auto Crash Into Pond River, Mar 1991


By Mark Schaver, Staff Writer.

The bodies of five people who died Monday when their car overturned and plunged into the Pond River went undiscovered for two days, the Kentucky State Police said yesterday.
The accident occurred "in about the same spot" along Ky. 85 near the McLean and Hopkins county line where another man died in a car wreck within the past two months, said James Offutt, a dispatcher with the state police post at Madisonville. No other details of that accident were available.
"It's just a bridge," Offutt said. "It's not really a bad curve."
TRACEY WOOD, 29, of Livermore, was driving eastbound in a 1989 Mercury Sable when the car left the north shoulder of the road and plunged 230 feet down a ditch and overturned in the river, police said. The police did not say how fast the car was traveling.
The accident occurred at about 4:30 p.m. Monday, but was not discovered until 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, police said.
Also killed were LESLIE WOOD, 6, and ALEXANDER WOOD, 6 months, both of Livermore; and JEFFREY CAMPBELL, 32, and HOLLY WOOD, 2, both of Sacramento.
Hopkins County Coroner John Walters ruled that all five victims drowned, police said.
HOLLY and ALEXANDER were the children of WOOD and CAMPBELL, while LESLIE was the child of WOOD and her husband, Tony Wood, from whom she was separated, said April Simmons, Tracey Wood's sister.
Her sister had been returning from Madisonville, where she had taken Holly to a clinic to have her eyes checked, Simmons said.
JEFFREY CAMPBELL'S sister, who began looking for the car with other family members after the five failed to return home, discovered the accident when she spotted a wheel of the overturned car, Simmons said.
They could not find the car earlier because it had been submerged, she said.
"Everybody is really tore up," she said.
"My mother is in shock."
Campbell was a native of Hopkins County.

The Courier-Journal Louisville Kentucky 1991-03-29