Eminence, KY Tornado, Mar 1890

Eminence, Ky., was visited by a cyclone Thursday night at nine o'clock. The two-story frame residence of Richard Anderson, one and a half miles south, was unroofed and a large barn unroofed. It struck a large barn half a mile east, utterly demolishing it.

Then it caught the two-story brick mansion of James H. Drain, wholly sweeping away the upper story. It then caught the buildings in the yard, sweeping them from existence. One of these was occupied by a tenant, Thomas Kinney and family. His three-year-old daughter and his brother-in-law, Lon Maddox, were killed outright. Kinney was probably fatally injured. His wife and younger child were more or less bruised. The residence of James Robinson was destroyed, and a stone from the chimney struck Mrs. Robinson in the face, from the effects of which she may die. The whole country for miles is strewn with debris.

Chillicothe Morning Constitution, Chillicothe, MO 30 Mar 1890