Clinton, LA Transport Plane Crash, Oct 1948

4 Men Killed In Crash Landing

CLINTON, La., Oct. 15. (UP) - A C-82 transport plane crash landed near here yesterday, killing four men and injuring another critically.

Twenty-one other Air Force and Army artillery men aboard the plane escaped without injury.

Brig. Gen. C. H. Hart of Biggs Field, at El Paso, Tex., was among those who escaped when the big two-engined plane was forced to make a crash landing. He said the emergency descent came when one of th plane's two engines failed.

The Abilene Reporter News, Abilene, TX 18 Oct 1948


4 Die as AF Plane Makes Crash Landing

CLINTON, La., Oct. 17. (UP) - Four persons were killed when an Air Force transport plane with 34 persons aboard crash-landed seven miles northeast of here late Sunday.

A fifth man was injured critically. The others escaped with scratches.

Occupants of the twin-engined C-82 included 29 artillery officers, one enlisted man, and a four-man Air Force crew.

The plane was flying from Biggs Field, Tex., to Eglin Field, Fla., where the artillery officers were scheduled to take an air indoctrination course.

(State police at Baton Rouge said the C-82 was the lead plane in a seven-plane convoy).

Brig. Gen. C. H. Hart, of Fort Bliss, Tex., one of the survivors, said trouble developed in one engine. It was decided to attempt a crash landing rather than try to parachute to safety, he said.

The pilot (whose name was not known) did a beautiful job, the general concluded. He picked out a small clearing for the landing, powered through a fence, missed scattered trees and brought the ship down right side up. It did not nose over and there was no fire. A portion of the fuselage caved in and that caused the deaths.

The survivors were to be sent to Harding Field at Baton Rouge to continue their flight to Elgin [sic] field.

Names of the casualties were withheld pending the notification of next of kin.

The Abilene Reporter News, Abilene, TX 18 Oct 1948