Montz, LA Train Collision, Nov 1912


Freight Train Crashed Into Rear End of Excursion Train on Yazoo Mississippi Valley


Flames Break Out Among Dead and Injured -- Blacks Vie With Whites In Heroism

By Associated Press

New Orleans, Nov. 11 -- Thirty persons are reported killed and more than fifty injured in a wreck on the Yazoo & Mississippi Valley railroad at midnight last night, when a freight train crashed into an excursion passenger train bound from New Orleans to Woodville, Mississippi.

The wreck was caused by a through freight crashing into the rear of an excursion train of ten coaches. The two rear coaches were telescoped. Five of the coaches burned and many of the bodies of victims are believed to have been cremated. Most of the dead are negroes. The wreck occurred about thirty miles north of here near Montz, Louisiana.

Many of the injured are white. An official statement issued by the railroad company places the blame for the disaster on a brakeman who is charged with failure to obey orders and signal the freight train.