Alexandria, LA Oil Derrick Falls, Oct 1901


Two Men Injured by a Falling Derrick.

Alexandria, La., Oct. 30.—A large derrick on hoist, called the traveler, which was erected on the traffic bridge on the Pineville shore, fell this morning and injured two men. The traveler was fifty feet high and stood on a portion of the bridge which was about fifty feet from the ground. It was used in lifting the steel for the upper work of the bridge. Chas. Stope, who was under it, was struck by a large timber and pinned down on top of the false work. His hip was badly gashed and his was otherwise bruised. Burt Easter, who was under the traveler, jumped to the ground, a distance of fully fifty feet, and struck some timbers. His arm was badly bruised and his hand mashed. The other men who were working on the bridge escaped uninjured.

Times-Picayune, New Orleans, LA 31 Oct 1901