Ruston, LA Private Plane Crash, Dec 1959


Ruston, La. (AP) -- A small private plane apparently fell apart in air near here Sunday killing three members of a Duncan, Okla. family, critically injuring a fourth.
Killed were MR. and MRS. OBERT G. ARNOLD and their son, OBERT ARNOLD, JR., 20, a student at Oklahoma State University.
VIRGINIA ARNOLD, 14, was found strapped in a plane seat near the scene of the crash. She was conscious, but in critical condition with multiple skull fractures.
She is hospitalized at Ruston General Hospital.
The plane, a Bonanza, departed Monroe for Shreveport, La., early Sunday. The ARNOLD'S were enroute to Duncan.
James Dugdale, a farmer who lives near the crash scene, said he saw the engine and wing fall off the plane while it was in flight. He said the rest of the craft hurtled a quarter of a mile before crashing.
Dugdale was first person to reach the wreckage. He found VIRGINIA ARNOLD alive.
Ambulance driver Ray Kimbell said the bodies of the two men were still in the wreckage. MRS. ARNOLD'S body was about 20 yards from the engine and the wing.
A private pilot's license was found on young ARNOLD. His father had been in the grocery business in Duncan, but recently sold his interest.

Ada Evening News Oklahoma 1959-12-27


Virginia Arnold

I remember going in the Arnold's store in Duncan with my Dad. My sister and Virginia were the same age. The plane crash has been in my mind all of these years.

plane crash kills 3 Ruston La

The brother of Mrs Othela Arnold is one of our dearest friends. He is 94 and still living at home and doing well. He was so surprised that we found the article. Thank you.