New Orleans LA (Gulf Of Mexico) Oil Rig Blast, Oct 1958


New Orleans (AP) - Little hope was held today for seven men missing after a series of explosions and fire raging at an oil rig in the Gulf Of Mexico off the Louisiana coast.
One man was killed, and 21 survivors were brought to hospitals here for treatment of injuries suffered in Wednesday's flaming blasts.
The fire was reported under control today at the half dozen wells clustered under the multi-million dollar Continental Oil Co.'s platform about 60 miles south of New Orleans.
Rescuers expressed the belief that the missing men had lost their lives either in the holocaust or drowned in the water while awaiting rescue.
Fatally injured was T. P. BUTLER, Liberty, Miss.
A brother, E. A. BUTLER also of Liberty, was reported missing.
Critically injured was E. C. SWENSON, 44, Algiers, La.
Three other crewmen were in serious condition.
The workmen were hurled or jumped from the platform, 50-feet above the 50-foot-deep water. Survivors were picked up by surface craft and taken to a nearby undamaged platform where they were picked up by helicopters and brought to hospitals.
There was no official explanation for the blast.

The Daily Reporter Dover Ohio 1958-10-16