Orono Basin Mills, ME Train Wreck, Jan 1898

The train was running over the Maine Central tracks, and left Bangor a little late. At the time of the derailment, which was due to spreading rails, the train was running about thirty-five miles an hour. It was made up of a combination baggage and mail car, the parlor car "Claribel" a smoking car, two passenger coaches and the private car of President F. A. Wilson, of the Maine Central railroad, which was occupied by President and Mrs. Wilson and two ladies.
The train is not scheduled to stop at Orono, but the conductor found that a number of university students held tickets for that station, so he signaled to the engineer to make a stop. It was just after his signla that the accident came. No worse spot for a derailment can be found on this stretch of railroad. There is a high embankment for miles, and every car save President Wilson's car was overturned, at the same time rolling down into the ditch.
The mass of wreckage, fortunately, did not take fire, as the cars were equipped with steam heating apparatus. Those who escaped uninjured or with minor bruises quickly went to the rescue of those imprisoned in the cars. The Orono people came quickly and worked rapidly, improvising stretchers and taking the wounded to the nearest houses.
Word was sent to Bangor for help and a wrecking train responded, carrying a number of surgeons.
The deep snow and the intense cold, for it was 30 degrees below zero, was a great hindrance to the rescue work.
The injured were carried to Orono. The townspeople threw open their houses and the village inn was turned into a hospital.
MRS. MURRAY was killed outright in the car. MRS. CUNNINGHAM was alive when rescued, but died a short time after while being carried to Orono. Her husband, DEACON CUNNINGHAM, has no chance to recover.
As fast as the injured were attended by the surgeons, they were sent to the Bangor hospital on a special train.

Kansas City Journal Missouri 1898-01-30