Fort Washington, MD Air Force Plane Crash, Nov 1956

AF Officers Missing After Plane Crash

WASHINGTON (AP). - Two Air Force officers, one a staff member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, were reported missing Sunday night in the crash of a small Air Force plane that went down in the Potomac River near Fort Washington, 15 miles south of here.

Rescued from the water was First Lieut. Richard B. Perlich, an instructor pilot at Boling Air Force Base.

Listed as missing were Maj. Gen. James C. Seiser, Jr., 44, of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Maj. Jose Blondet, 34, commander of the 1104th Base Flight Squadron at Bolling Air Force Base.

The L26 liaison [sic] plane was en route from Robbins Air Force Base, outside of Atlanta, Ga., to its base at Bolling when the crash occurred early Sunday night.

It went down in the water about 600 feet offshore, an Air Force public information officer said.

Crash boats searched the area for the missing officers.

Cause of the crash was not immediately known.

Lieutenant Perlich was taken to Bolling Air Force Base Hospital where he was treated for shock and exposure.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 19 Nov 1956