Gaithersburg, MD Plane Crashes Into House, Dec 2014

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Byron Valencia, 31, who lives about a half-mile from the crash site, said he was in his kitchen preparing a bottle for his 2-month-old son. "I heard the plane come over the house," he said. "This one sounded like a jet, and then I heard a thump. It was pretty loud.
I didn't see anything, but then I heard the sirens."
Miriam Arevalo, who lives with her husband and two children a block from the crash site, was home waiting for a ride to work when she heard a big boom.
"I heard a big explosion. It's like nothing I've ever heard before," she said. "I immediately thought, 'Oh my God, it is a plane.'"
At the FDA offices, James Higgins, executive vice president of Health Decisions, waited anxiously for ROSENBERG and two other colleagues to arrive. Instead, he go word of the crash.
"He's in shock," said Barbara Higgins, his wife, " and he's also trying to figure out what they're going to do on their end."
The Gemmells have one other child, a girl, who was at school at the time of the crash. Neighbors said Ken and Marie Gemmell had lived in the house for about seven years and were known to dote on their children, who often were seen playing in the front yard. Ken Gemmell had left the house a few hours before the crash. After rushing back, he was led to the home, knowing that his wife and children had not emerged. As the house still was in flames, he stood in front of it, staring blankly for 10 minutes before being led away.
Montgomery Fire Chief Steve Lohr spoke quietly to him.
"We're dong everything we can to determine the location of your family," Lohr told him.
Late Monday, Ken Gemmell had changed his Facebook profile photo to one of his wife, DEVIN and COLE. Another photo showed him and his wife at a festive occasion. Several friends had posted notes of condolence.
A former colleague of MARIE GEMMELL, who worked at Davis Construction for a dozen years before taking a job several months ago at a bank, mourned her loss.
"She's really going to be missed," Brian Polesnak said of his friend, whose Facebook page said she was a native of New Jersey. "She always loved her family, loved her kids.
She always had a smile or a joke."
He is marrying his girlfriend Saturday and said he had wanted the Gemmells' to be there.

Washington Post District Of Columbia 2014-12-08