Smithsburg, MD Army Plane Crash, Jul 1950


Smithsburg, Md., July 10 (UP) - Two unidentified men burned to death early today when an Army Beechcraft plane crashed into a mountain near Smithsburg and exploded.
The wreckage of the plane and the bodies of its occupants were found on a wild mountainside some two hours after the crash by a search party headed by Washington County Officials. The officials said they had called on Army authorities to identify both the plane and the fliers.
A resident turned in the first report of the crash shortly after midnight. He told the county sheriff's office he heard the plane's motor missing and then saw it plunge into the mountain. He said the plane exploded immediately and went up in flames.
Authorities said the plane was battered so badly that immediate identification was impossible.

Middletown, July 10 (UP) - An aircraft investigation board took off from the Olmsted Air Force base today to determine the cause of the crash of an Army Beechcraft plane that killed two unidentified men near Smithsburg, Md.
Air base officials said the craft left Baltimore last midnight en-route to its home base at Selfridge Field near Mt. Clements, Mich. The investigation was launched here because Olmsted is the Air Force Base nearest to the scene of the crash.

Shamokin News-Dispatch Pennsylvania 1950-07-10