Oxon Hill, MD Air Liner Crashes Near Potomac River, Jan 1948


Washington, Jan. 13 -- (AP) -- Five men were killed and four injured today when an Eastern Airlines plane smashed into a wooded slope on the Maryland side of the Potomac river near here.
An exchange of communications between the plane and the control tower at national airport, recorded by the civil aeronautics administration, indicated that the pilot and passengers had no warning of the impending crash. The cause of the accident was undetermined.
The fuselage broke in two when the two-engined DC-3 hit the ground, cut the craft did not burn. The pilot and co-pilot were among the dead.
The death list:
Capt. PAUL SALTANIS, pilot, Atlanta.
RALPH B. SANBORNE, JR., co-pilot, Atlanta.
WILLIAM A MOREHEAD, vice president and general manager of the Joanna Textile Mills, Glodville, S. C.
S. M. WARNER, Clinton, S. C.
L. A. BRANDT, Atlanta.
The injured included Navy Captain LUCIAN MOEBUS, Maxwell field, Ala., head of the naval section of the air university there and wartime commander of the aircraft carrier Saratoga; EUGENE G. STONE, Pensacola, Fla.; MORRIS MAPLE, Princeton, N. J.; and PETER I. PHILOS, flight attendant on the plane.
The 21-passenger airliner was en route from Houston, Tex., to Boston, carrying the three crewmen and six passengers.
The accident occurred shortly after 4:35 a.m. (Eastern Standard time) while a light rain was falling. The ceiling was 1,400 feet and the forward visibility four miles, compared with the minimum permissible operating conditions here of 400 feet and one mile.

The Times Recorder Zanesville Ohio 1948-01-14