Camp Edwards, MA Planes Collide In Mid Air, Apr 1952 - 12 Killed

12 Killed in Air Collision

CAMP EDWARDS, Mass. (AP) - Two Air Force planes from Otis Air Force Base collided in mid-air Wednesday. All 12 men aboard the planes were believed dead.

Capt. Robert W. Stephenson, public relations officer for Otis Air Force Base, said the planes collided over the Camp Edwards firing range, about three miles from the base flight line.

Camp Edwards sprawls over several Cape Cod towns, among them Falmouth and Bourne.

Cape residents said they saw a bright flash in the sky as the planes met with terrific impact.

One was a F-94 all-weather jet fighter with two men aboard. The other was a C-47 transport with 10 reported aboard.

The Daily Chronicle, Centralia, WA 9 Apr 1952


The date of the accident

The date of the accident was 9 Apr 1952. I fixed the date in the title.

Probably, the accident was covered by Massachusetts papers. Will look to see what we can find.

Near Miss

My father was stationed at Otis Air Field and was suppose to be on the cargo plane that day. He was going home on leave and was about 2 minutes late getting to the field. He said the plane was just at the end of the runway when he arrived. He said he was never so happy to be late in his life. Where did you find the newspaper account? I would like a copy and cannot find it in the Daily Chronicle. How did it appear on 9 April 52 if the event was in May 1952? Was it ever in any MA papers? Any help you can give would be great. Thanks.