Mount Holyoke, MA Bomber Crashes, May 1944

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New York, May 28. -- (AP) -- Ten army fliers were killed when a heavy four-engined bomber crashed into the side of Mount Holyoke, near South Hadley, Mass., about midnight last night, the first air force announced today.
The crash occurred a few minutes after the plane took off from Westover field on a night combat training mission. The plane fell into a heavily wooded section and burned.
The B-24 bomber burst into flames and exploded.
The dead are:
2nd Lt. TALBOT M. MALCOLM, JR., 21, Bennetsville, S.C., pilot.
2nd Lt. JOHN D. LOGAN, 20, Topeka, Kan., co-pilot.
2nd Lt. DONALD DOWDEN, 25, Minneapolis, Minn., navigator.
2nd Lt. WILLIAM M. ASHLEY, JR., 20, Perrysburg, O., bombardier.
Sgt. WILBURN H. DECHERT, 21, Fredricksburg, Tex., engineer.
Sgt. AMBROSE D. GRIFFITHS, 28, Arlington, Mass., radio operator.
Cpl. KEARNEY D. PADGETT, 24, Gulfport, Miss., assistant engineer.
Cpl. ROBERT. J. OHR, 20, Chicago, Ill., assistant radio operator.
Cpl. RONALD C. LLOYD, 29, Seaford, Del., gunner.
Sgt. ARNOLD H. ANDERSON, 23, Chicago, Ill., armorer-gunner.

Charleston Gazette West Virginia 1944-05-29


B-24 crash

My daughter and I were looking for the exact location of the crash site. We descended the M-M trail for abot 1/4 miles from the Mt. Holyoke summit and walked east, but were unable to find the site. Can you provide additional information.

plane crash

In 1958, while hiking on Mt. Holyoke, I came across the crash site of the 1944 crash. While digging through the site, I
found a half dollar, many spent shells, a dog tag, and a purple heart. This tells me that one of those men was wounded in combat. Through the years I lost the purple heart and the dog tag. I cannot remember the name on the dog tag.
I hope this is helpful to anybody doing research.

Frank Zabik

John D Logan

Thank you so very much for sending this info,this has proved very interesting and it seems that the B could have been mistaken for D and at last we may be on the right trail,we shall start again as it is more than likely to be John B Logan. Again so much thanks to you and I hope that all those who are searching find happy endings, Warmest regards Andy and Barbara Blyth.

John D. Logan/MT Holyoke crash

Dear Andy,
I have done extensive research in the Western Ma. area regarding crashes from Westover Field; the young men and the Army Air Force in general. When the AAF considered someone for aviation cadet training they required him to be attending college or graduated from. Cadet training itself was near enough 1 year to complete. After completing and getting his "wings" a pilot had to do transitional training with the plane he would ultimately be flying. Bomber crews would form up at various airfields across the US; in this instance, Westover Field. It was here bomber crews, 10 men to a bomber would learn to work together as a team, forming close knit bonds, flying in formation and mock "missions" before going to their theater of war overseas. You mention Lt. Logan being in the UK in 1943-Podington. The young man whose name is on the monument was in cadet training from 1943-44. He wasn't a pilot in 1943. Before being a cadet Lt. Logan was in college. So I believe you can see the timeline doesn't add up for him to be your wife's friends father. Lt. John Logan was a few weeks from going overseas as a pilot his first tour of duty- June 1944. It seems most bombers out of Westover at the time would have been going to Italy under the 15th Army Air Force not England under the 8th Army Air Force. I did a bit of research and found that in Podington was based the 92nd bombardment group/heavy with 4 squadrons. One of the men there was a 2nd Lt. John B. Logan, navigator.He flew on B-17s and was there in 1943. If he is not the man, the 92nd is the place to look. They were the only US bomber group stationed in Podington. I enclosed a link to the 92nd. One photo under Warren Manning crew (crews were named after their pilots) has 4 officers kneeling in the front, enlisted men in back. One of the men in the front is Lt. John B. Logan (which one?)
I hope this helps!

B 24 Crash Mount Holyoke 1944

My Wife has a childhood friend who three years ago found out she was adopted, she has traced her birth Mother and has found out that her Father was an American Pilot stationed at Podington, Bedford, England in 1943, the Man was a 2nd Lieutenant by the name of John D Logan
We undarstand that Lieutenant Logan completed 24 missions on B 17s and was then transfered back to the United States of America. as you know the Co-Pilot on the day of the crash on Mount Holyoke was 2nd Lieutenant John D Logan, we believe that this was my wife's friends Father.
We would like to know if there are any photographs of Mr Logan as our friend would like to no what her Father looked like ?, also did Mr Logan have any family, I am sure any family would like to no that John had a Daughter even if he never knew he had one and that she has gone on to have Two Sons and Two Daughters and she now has Five Grandchildren. If anyone there can provide Any information I would be very greatfull and can be contacted by Email,if more information is required from this end I will do all I can to assist. Thank you all. Andy Blyth