Gloucester, MA Schooner JULIETTE Wreck, Jan 1889

GLOUCESTER, Mass., Jan. 11.---The schooner wrecked on Bass Rocks was the forty ton Juliette, of Belfast, Me., from Rockland, Me., with lime ashes for Beverly, Mass. Eben Holmes, the captain and owner, says she lost her masts and began to fill with water during yesterday's gale, off Eastern Point. Holmes and his two men took to the boat, which soon after capsized. Holmes was unable to divest himself of his heavy overcoat, but swam in it to the shore, three quarters of a mile away. The others were drowned. They were Mate ALBERT CUNNINGHAM, aged 55, of Belfast, and a Welshman called RICHARD, aged 18, who was working his passage to Boston.

The News, Frederick, MD 11 Jan 1889