Worcester, MA Scalded by Milk Can Washing Machine, Feb 1930


Worcester, Feb. 23.--(AP)--Thrust into a mild can washing machine, two nine year old boys were severely scalded this afternoon by employes[sic] of the Hillcrest Diary, inc., whom they had been annoying. Edward Daly, one of the boys, was scalded from his waist to his feet. Kenneth Heevnor, his playmate, was burned about the insteps, knees and wrists.

Warrants for the arrest of Paul C. Farrar, 25, and Harold W. Seaman, 23, employes[sic] of the dairy, will be sought tomorrow by William H. Daly, father of one of the boys.

According to the story told the police, the boys had been plaguing Farrar and Seaman, and the men decided to scare the youngsters. They caught them and placed them in the machine. As the machine was revolving, jets of hot water and live steam struck the boys. The boys struggled and fell out of the machine.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 24 Feb 1930