Cheshire, MA Auto Wreck, Apr 1926


Locomobile Owned by Lester Carpenter, Overturns in Car Tracks


Gertrude Carpenter, Two Years Old, Has Possible Concussion-- Others Not Injured

Nine Adams people, riding in a Locomobile touring car, owned by Lester Carpenter, 117 Grove street and operated by Albert H. Newton of this town, who lives with the Carpenters, miraculously escaped fatal injury yesterday afternoon about 5:15 o'clock when the car turned turtle near Dowens Corners in Cheshire, opposite the Orin Martin farm.

One of the occupants, Mrs. Walter Sheldon, sustained a broken collar bone and it is feared that one of the Carpenter children, Gertrude, 2 years old, may have concussion of the brain. She is still in the hospital. Three of the occupants, Mrs. Walter Sheldon, her daughter, Theresa and Harold Lewis, of Phillips Hill were taken to the Plunkett Memorial hospital by Donald Bennett of Cheshire but were discharged later in the evening after receiving treatment from Dr. B. E. Howe. None of the three, except Mrs. Sheldon were injured in any way. Mrs. Lester Carpenter, wife of the owner and three minor children, were also injured slightly, and were treated by Dr. Alfred Desrochers, Mrs. Carpenter and her children were also removed to their homes later. Newton was taken to the hospital suffering from injuries to his back and he also was later removed to his home.

According to the report made to the state police, who investigated the accident, the Locomobile was going in the direction of Cheshire and attempted to pass another car going the same way. As the Adams car went by, another car coming north appeared on the scene and in order to avoid a headon collision, Newton swung his car into the street railway tracks. As he attempted to turn back into the road, the left rear tire blew out causing the car to turn over and throw the occupants out. The top of the automobile was damaged beyond repair, the windshield broken and left front door tore off. It was towed in by the B & S Motor Company.

North Adams Transcript, North Adams, MA 5 Apr 1926