Lynn, MA Circus Leopard Accident, Jun 1899


Lynn Boy Goes too Near the Cages at the Circus.

The next time the Forepaugh-Sells Brothers circus visits Lynn, Mass., Frank Ducey, a 10 year old boy, will not be so much interested in getting a near view of the leopard.

Frank was gazing at the animal when it sunk his sharp claws into the boy's face, and when the keeper sprang to the cage the leopard had both front paws through the bars and was holding the boy's head fast. The animal was struck several tremendous blows over the head before he released his hold on the boy, the latter all the time screaming at the top of his voice and the blood streaming down his face.

He was taken to the hospital, where it was necessary to cauterize the wounds, and it will probably be a long time before he fully recovers. Large pieces of flesh were torn from his face, neck and head by the claws of the animal.

The boy, in company with a number of others, visited the grounds where the circus exhibited, and was anxious to see the animals. The board on the cage containing several leopards was unfastened, and he got very near the cage for the purpose of seeing the animals. He placed his face up against the iron bars and at once the animal nearest him thrust out its paw and seized him.

Pieces of hair were torn from his head and it is considered almost a miracle by the physicians at the hospital that his eyes were uninjured, as there are several deep and ugly wounds surrounding them.

It was a long time before the animals could be pacified. Young Ducey swooned and was hurried to the hospital.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 5 Jun 1899