Northampton, MA Fell Down Elevator Shaft, Jan 1900


Serious Accident to J. F. Barry in a Northampton Hotel Last Evening.

J. F. Barry of the firm of J. S. Barry & Son, proprietors of the Hampton hotel at Northampton, fell down an elevator shaft at the hotel at 10 o’clock last evening, sustaining injuries so severe that his condition was critical at an early hour this morning. Mr. Barry stepped into the shaft from the first floor and fell about 15 feet. His head came in contact with a beam at the edge of the pit, in the bottom of the shaft. The concussion of the brain which resulted was very severe, and there are grave fears that he may not recover. The door opposite the second floor. Mr. Osborne, the night clerk, also approached the shaft at the same time, with the intention of taking Mr. and Mrs. Caleb L. Thyaer to their rooms. Mr. Barry reached the door first, and unlocking it, slid it back. Without looking to see whether the elevator was opposite the first floor, he took a step forward and fell into the basement. Drs. Hoadley and Fahey were summoned. Three hours after the accident Mr. Barry had not regained consciousness.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 23 Jan 1900