Greenfield, MA Fires 1870-1879

May 6, 1870. The house and barn of Alonzo Graves at Country Farms destroyed by fire. Loss $3,500; no insurance.

September 5. The barn of E. G. Woodard, Elm street, was totally destroyed by fire. No insurance.

September 1870. The factories at Nash's mills were destroyed by fire. F. M. Thompson, owner, insured $4,800 ; H. P. Hicks, occupant, $3,000.

October i6, 1870. A small house belonging to F. B. Russell's heirs on fire, and received the first use of the Glen water from the street hydrants.

September 28, 1871. Dennis Kelliher's barn on Devens street was burned.

March 5, 1872. Walter A. Wilber's house on School street was burned. Loss $3,000.

November 27, 1872. Henry Yonk's house, near Russell's, burned.
The Simond's rake factory at Nash's mills burned. Loss $2,000.

December 1. F. R. Chapman's barn burned. Insurance $550.

January 27, 1873. The old Geo. W. Mark place on Main street nearly destroyed by fire. Insurance $800.

July 4, 1873. Fire in Pond's and Hollister's blocks. Buildings ruined.
Occupants, Loss, Insurance.
W. & S. B. Payne, Harnesses, $ 4,050
D. L. Sammis, Dry goods, partial, $ 7,000
J. C. Bangs' Millinery, partial, none
H. J. Davis, Photographer, $ 2,000, $ 1,600
L. N. Bailey, Clothing, $ 9,000
J. H. Hollister's stock and building, $ 9,000, $ 6,000
Mary Pond' Building, $ 12,000, $ 9,500
Frank A. Pond, Clothing, $ 7,000, $ 7,000
William Elliot and Alfred Wells lost furniture, books and papers.

October 11, 1873. The Patrick Butler place on the Colrain road was burned. Loss $2,000. Insurance $900.

Apr 15, 1874. Margaret Corliss's barn on Hope street was burned.

June 8, 1874. The John Hamilton house on the west side of Green river was burned.

August 21, 1874. Fire in Taylor's block. Insurance $4,000 on F. E. Fields's crockery store, $3,000 on M. R. Pierce & Co., stoves, etc., and $4,000 on the building.

September 22, 1875. The old store at Factory village owned by Turners Falls Co. and occupied by Thomas Burke, burned. Loss $2,000. Insurance $700.

February 9, 1876. The large barns owned by D. S. Simons on the old Thayer farm in the meadows, were burned in the day time. A large amount of hay, tobacco and fodder was destroyed. Loss $3,200. Insurance $1,200.

April 15, 1876. The house-of William Brennan, Russell street, was burned. Loss $2,500. Insurance $2,000.

September 30, 1876. Mary E. Woodard's house on Nash's mills road burned. Loss $2,000. Insurance $1,600.

November 6. An incendiary fire destroyed the buildings on the "Pratt" place near the north line of the town, owned by D. O. Fisk.

December 14. Old machine shop on Green river, owned by Newell Snow and others, burned. Loss, buildings, $2,000. Insurance $500. Loss, Wells Bros. & Co., tenants, $1,000.

February 1, 1877. A small house west of Green river owned by James Newton burned. Loss $400. Insurance $200.