Concord, MA School Bus and Train Collide, Apr 1939


Concord, Mass., April 27 (AP) - Fifteen children were slightly injured today when a school bus and a freight train were in a collision which appeared likely to cost the bus driver his life.
Officials at the Emerson Hospital said they expected to release all of the children tonight, most of whom were bruised or slightly cut.
The driver, JAMES H. FINNIGAN, 67, suffered a serious head injury.
The strange collision took place almost in the business district of Concord. The bus was party way across the tracks when the driver saw the Boston-bound freight bearing down on him. He jammed on his brakes and tried to back up, an act that may have saved the lives of several children. Only the front part of the bus was struck by the train.

Sandusky Register Ohio 1939-04-28