Billerica, MA Cargo Plane Crashes, Feb 1980

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Boston (AP) - Six of seven crewmen aboard a British cargo plane were killed Saturday afternoon when it crashed and burned shortly after taking off in heavy snow from Logan International Airport, officials said.
The survivor, identified only as RICHARD CREER, was reported to be in critical condition at St. John's Hospital in Lowell. Hospital officials said he suffered head injuries and broken legs.
Patrolman Joseph Cormier at the Billerica Police headquarters said six members of the crew had been killed.
The plane crashed in a heavily wooded area of Billerica, a community northwest of Boston.
The plane, a Brittania four-engine turbo prop jet, was owned by Red Coat Air Cargo Ltd. said Charity Brown, a spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Port Authority, which operates Logan Airport.
"All we know is it lost altitude and crashed," said Ms. Brown. "The plane is a freighter that was headed directly to Shannon Airport in Ireland."
Ms. Brown said the four-engine turboprop was carrying 10,000 gallons of aviation fuel when it left Boston. She said it was loaded with a cargo of computer equipment from Digital Equipment Corp.
"Evidently there were a number of explosions after it hit," said state Trooper Arthur McLaughlin, who said that was based on radio reports from state police that he heard at the barracks in Framingham.
Ms. Brown said the plane left Logan at 2:10 p.m., and the Federal Aviation Administration tower called nine minutes later to say the plane had gone down.
"It was on its flight path," Ms. Brown said, although it was on a nonstop flight to Shannon Airport, and Billerica is west of Boston and Logan Airport.

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