Auburn, MA Six Killed In Two Car Crash, Jun 1959


Auburn, Mass. (AP) - Six persons were killed last night on the Massachusetts Turnpike when an automobile leaped the dividing strip of the dual highway and was rammed by another car.
Three persons, two of them children, were critically injured.
It was the first multiple fatality on the super-highway since it was opened May 10, 1957. There have been 11 single fatalities.
The dead included JEROME MAKARA, 57, of Springfield, and his wife, CORA, about 55.
Their children, GERALDINE, 15, and EDWARD, 11, were injured. The family was headed east toward Shoppers World at Framingham.
The other dead were Springfield employees of Monsanto Chemical Co. returning home after a day's deep sea fishing off Boston.
They were WILBUR B. HANDFIELD, 41; RICHARD DONALDSON, 28; ARTHUR DEVENO, 38, and MARTIN F. WILSON, 26, all of Springfield.
JOHN PASTEREZYK, 32, of Chicopee Falls, a fifth man in the car, was injured.
The collision occurred about a quarter mile east of the Auburn Interchange. Police said DEVENO was driving when the car crossed the center strip out of control. The cars rolled over several times.
The injured were taken to Worcester Hospitals - the MAKARA boy and PASTEREZYK to St. Vincent, the MAKARA daughter to Worcester City Hospital.

Portsmouth Herald New Hampshire 1959-06-18