Fitchburg, MA Elder House Fire, May 1908


Intense excitement was caused at Perry and Broad Streets about seven o'clock this morning, when smoke was seen to pour out of the chimney of the Rev. Mr. Elder's house at 117 Perry Street.

Mr. Elder, who was in the yard, at the time, ran tofire headquarters, but all the apparatus was at the Roebling fire. Some one ran to the engine house on West Hanover Street, but the engine was also at the fire.

Patrolman Heher then telephoned to police headquarters and the Second Precinct was notified. Word was hurried to Chief Allen and he ordered Assistant Chief Bennet and the chemical apparatus to respond. The chemical companys men were at work on the roof of the Duncan MacKenzie Son's building and made a record run to Mr. Elder's home. When they arrived the fire had burned itself out in the chimney and no damage was done.


Assistant Chief Bennett and men of the Chemical company wish to express their thanks for the Rev. Charles H. Elder, who after the men had answered an alarm of fire at his home this morning, took hot coffee and biscuits to fire headquarters. The hot beverage was deeply appreciated by the men, who had been fighting the Roebling fire for more than an hour with the temperature hovering around the zero mark.

Trenton Evening Times, Trenton, NJ 5 Feb 1908