Worcester, MA Train Wreck, Dec 1907


New York Experts Crashes Into Freight Cars In a Snowstorm.
Special to The New York Times.

WORCESTER, Mass., Dec. 14.---During the worst period of the building snowstorm this afternoon, the New York express on the Boston & Albany crashed into a train of coal cars in New Worcester. These were probably fatally hurt:
WALTER M. WALLING, Auburndale, Mass;
NORMAN G. HENRY, Dorchester, Mass.;
ALBERT CHARRON, University of Maryland student.

More than 45 passenger were more or less hurt, their injuries being fixed up on the spot by the corps of surgeons and doctors rushed to the scene of the accident.

Immediately after the collision the boiler of the passenger engine exploded, wrecking four near-by houses, and destroying the glass in fifteen more.

Every car left the rails, the mail car toppling over. The engine was driven half way through the baggage car by the explosion. The wreck is said to be the worst in years on the Boston & Albany. Traffic will be delayed for more than a day.

The express was running fifteen minutes late out of Brookfield, and was pounding along at full speed, making up time. The engineer thought he had a clear track. When his engine swung around the curve and cleared the big electric power plant, he saw a switch engine on the siding but evidently did not see the low steel cars it had pushed on to the main line.

The railway officials are to-night looking for a flagman, Charles H. Prior. He was stationed a half mile west of the scene of the crash, and it was his duty to flag the express. Agent Charles Firth says Prior disappeared after the accident and cannot now be found.

The New York Times, New York, NY Dec 15 1907