Baldwinville, MA Locomotive Boiler Explosion, Dec 1893

Fitchburg Engine Blows Up.

Wrecked at Baldwinville - Engineer and Fireman Seriously Injured.

Special Dispatch to The Republican.

Athod, Thursday Evening, December 7.

By the explosion of a locomotive boiler near Baldwinville this evening two men were seriously injured, one of them perhaps fatally. The locomotive of the east-bound freight extras No. 116 was standing near the Baldwinville water-tank when the boiler exploded. The engineer, E.W. Otis, of Williamstown, who was oiling a hot-box at the side of his machine, was blown against the signal wires. He was badly bruised and burned but was able to walk. The fireman, S.L. White, also of Williamstown, was on the engine and was blown across the track and over the signal wires. He is very seriously hurt about the spine. Both men were taken to their homes at Williamstown on train No. 3, which was delayed about two hours by the accident. Division Superintendent C.L. Mayne was promptly on had and superintended the clearing up of the wreck and the caring for the wounded men. The cause of the accident is unknown. Engineer Otis declares that he had “three gauges” of water in his boiler. It is surmised that a coating of mud on the crown-plate may have prevented the access of water and allowed the steam to over heat, causing the explosion.

Springfield Daily Republican, Springfield, MA 8 Dec 1893