Foxboro, MA Town Hall Fire, June 1900

Town Hall Before The Fire



By Associated Press to The Sun.
Taunton, Mass., June 4. -- A special from Foxboro, says:
This town is today dazed and panic-stricken. The town hall was burned probably by an incendiary this morning and though it was early in the morning, yet it has resulted in the death of one citizen, the fatal injury of another and the serious injury of two others. The loss is $40,000 and the scholars in the high, grammar and three intermediate grades are now without a place to attend school.
This disaster coming so suddenly on the heels of the destruction of the big straw shop last week has benumbed and paralyzed the community and the people are standing on the street corners wondering at the outcome with the town's chief industry destroyed and no schools for the children to attend.
At a little before five o'clock this morning fire was discovered in the attic of the town hall, and though the department at once went to work, yet their efforts were in vain. Mansfield again sent her department to the aid of Foxboro and they did noble work, but the fire had gained such headway that nothing could stop it. Citizens by the hundreds crowded to the scene and when the big cupola fell it pinioned two firemen and two citizens to the ground. Eager men jumped to their rescue but it was seen that their efforts were in vain in at least one case as one man died after being taken from the ruins, one was sent to the Massachusetts General hospital and two will be cared for here at their homes.
Injured -- ARTHUR A. JOSLIN, leg broken and face smashed in, sent to Massachusetts General hospital; SAMUEL J. JOHNSON, shoulder and face hurt, may recover; JOSEPH WATKINS, head and body badly wrenched and bruised.
The town records were saved. In the building was located the high, grammar, and three intermediate classes and everything in connection with the school work was destroyed. The loss is $40,000 and the insurance about $30,000. The fire is said to be of incendiary origin.

Lowell Sun Massachusetts 1900-06-04