Boston, MA Battleship GEORGIA Explosion, July 1907

Battleship GEORGIA Circa 1906





The Dead:
WILLLIAM J. THATCHER, chief turrent captain, Wilmington, Del.
FAULKNER GOLDWAITE, midshipman, Kentucky.
W. J. BURKE, ordinary seaman, South Framingham, Mass.
W. M. THOMAS, ordinary seaman, Newport, R. I.
GEORGE E. MILLER, ordinary seaman, Brooklyn, N. Y.
WILLIAM F. PAIR, of Brooklyn, N. Y., ordinary seaman.

Boston, July 16. -- By the explosion of a case of powder in the hands of a gunner in the after super-imposed turret of the battleship GEORGIA, in Massachusetts bay Monday, eight men were killed and 15 injured. Not one of the persons in the turret escaped injury.

The Injured:
Midshipman JOHN CRUSE, Nebraska.
FRANK SCHLAPP, North Adams, Mass., boatswain's mate, second class.
CHRIS HASSELL, New York, gunner's mate, first class.
ORLEY TAGLAND, Richford, Minnesota, chief yeoman.
JOHN G. THOMAS, ordinary seaman, Brooklyn, N. Y.
S. L. ROSENBERGER, ordinary seamen, Philadelphia.
EDWARD J. WALSH, ordinary seaman, Lynn, Mass.
JOHN O. MALLICK, ordinary seaman, Cleveland, O.
JOHN A. BUSH, ordinary seaman, New York.
L. O. MEEZ, ordinary seaman, Berea, O.
H. L. GILBERT, ordinary seaman, Southwick, Mass.
JOHN A. FONE, ordinary seaman, Trenton, N. J.
CHARLES L. EICH, ordinary seaman, Frankfort, Ind.
Lieut. CASPER GOODRICH, son of Rear Admiral GOODRICH and WILLILAM F. PAIR, ordinary seaman, died at the naval hospital last night.
The accident happened while the battleship was several miles off Provincetown and the men were engaged in target practice, together with other vessels of the battleship squadron of the Atlantic fleet. The powder had just been taken from the ammunition hoist to lead an 8-inch gun. It was seen to be burning and in an instant it exploded in the very face of the loader of the gun. No damage was done to the vessel, as the powder was not confined, and early last evening, under orders from Washington, the GEORGIA sailed back for the target grounds of Provincetown.
How the powder bacame ignited is not known, but the theory held at the navy yard is that it was set off by a spark from the smokestack of the warship.
Immediately after the accident, the GEORGIA headed for the Charlestown navy yard. There the dead and injured were taken ashore, the wounded men being conveyed to the naval hospital at Chelsea.
The GEORGIA is one of the battleships of the second division of the Atlantic fleet which has been at target practive off Provincetown for the last three weeks.
The GEORGIA is one of the newest battleships of the navy, having been in commission only about 10 months. She is commanded by HENRY McREA.

Washington, July 16. -- The navy department received a number of messages reporting the explosion on the battleship GEORGIA in Massachusetts by. Instructions were immediately telegraphed by Acting Secretary of the Navy NEWBERRY, directing the hospital authorities to do everything possible to properly care for the victims of the disaster, and a telegram was sent to the ship's officers expressing condolence.
Aside from their deep concern over the injuries suffered by the unfortunate turret crew of the GEORGIA, the officials at the navy department were a good deal cast down when they learned of the accident, as it tended to shake the confidence in which they had rested for more than a year in the perfection of the regulations so carefully framed with a view to safe guarding human life in the turrets.

The Daily Chronicle Marshall Michigan 1907-07-16


USS Georgia Explosion 1907

Found this page by accident. My Dad, Boatswain's mate, USN, Frank Schlapp was one of the severely injured by the turret explosion in 1907. He recovered - remained in the Navy.--from a mustang to Commander - retired (second time) in 1946 having served for 43 years.

my granfather


Just ran across this from you. My granfather was in the terret that exploded. My dad died 3 years ago at 91 but he did see this info about his dad an made him proud as it will your dad,

Try googling uss georgia and your grandads name. It worked for me for info that I didnt have. I printed it out and added it to my family tree.

Good luck


Battleship Georgia Explosion, July 1907

My grandfather is listed as one of the injured. I had been told several times that he had been in an explosion at sea while in the Navy, but never any details. I sent this article to my father who is 87 and he remembered that his dad had burn marks on his neck, but said that he never talked about it. He said that he had lied about his age to enter the Navy and according to the date of the article, he was only 17 at the time.

Thank you for making this available to us. We really appreciate it.

Boston, MA Battleship GEORGIA Explosion, July 1907

I have heard that my grandfather was in an explosion on a battleship. His name is listed in this article as one of the injured. I just happened to stumble on this article tonight. How very interesting to find the name of the battleship, the circumstances, and the date this happened. My 87 year old father will be very interested in this, also. Thank you so much for posting this....CP