Adrian Township, MI Tornado, Sep 1885


Adrian, Mich., Sept. 10. -- A cyclone passed over this county and did great damage. It began by tearing off the roof of the house of CHARLES FOX, of Adrian. It next struck the barn of ALFRED EDWARDS, a farmer, and leveled it. MR. EDWARDS, with two hired men, was in the barn at the time and is reported to be seriously if not fatally injured. The hired men were slightly hurt. It then passed over the village of Ridgeway, where it tore off parts of the roof of the Methodist Episcopal church and the depot. The barn of JACOB ARNER was destroyed and the house of ROBERT GUNN unroofed. ROBERT McMILLAN was caught while driving home and the horse and buggy and himself were lifted and thrown into a ditch, breaking several of McMILLAN'S ribs. Passing east, in a path ten rods wide, the cyclone destroyed the orchard and unroofed the barn of CHARLES SMITH. The house of THOMAS HOAGLIN was unroofed and his barn destroyed. The building was taken away, leaving the hay in a pile. The barn of DANIEL OSTERHOUT was destroyed, timbers being scattered in all directions. The house of MRS. NATHAN CHEEVER was carried ten feet away and badly wrecked. The house of GEORGE CHEEVER was demolished. The family were in doors at the time and miraculously escaped. The cyclone next attacked GEORGE SMITH'S place, where three barns were destroyed, and turkeys, hogs and cattle carried away. A turkey and chicken are left cut of all the live stock on the farm. The rest are missing. JOHN KENT and JOHN CURRY, who were in MR. SMITH'S barn, were picked up afterward insensible and seriously injured.
This is but a partial account of the disaster at Ridgeway. In Adrian township ALFRED EDWARDS was badly hurt. His large sheep barn and orchards were destroyed.

Chester Times Pennsylvania 1885-09-09