Detroit, MI Trainer Plane Crash, Aug 1945

DETROIT--Robert Graham Prince, 41, and George Wilkinson, Jr., 33, of Detroit were injured Sunday when their trainer plane hit a high tension wire and overturned as it was coming in for a landing at Warren airport. Neither was critically injured as the plane looped over and crashed on its back.

News-Palladium, Benton Harbor, MI 6 Aug 1945


Dad's death

I have been looking for information on my Dad for some time. He was learning to fly as he was the staff music arranger and radio personality for several Detroit radio stations and his schedule was getting very busy and he needed a quicker to get around. He was a professional musician and Mr. Prince was a fellow musician. The day was misty and they were practicing landings and takeoffs at Warren airport and on their final approach they didn't see the wires. The plane flipped over and he was thrown out through the top of it. The emergency personnel laid him on a wing and covered him up as they thought he was dead. The mist soaked the blanket and revived him. He was taken to Mt Caramel Hospital where he passed away three weeks later. I haven't been able to find out the cause of his death. My mother had gone to bring him home and when she got there he had passed away in the night. My mother is still alive, but she is 96 and her memory is very fuzzy about the accident. I can remember she and I waiting at Detroit City airport for him to return. I found out later, from my my Grandmother Wilkinson, that he had had rheumatic fever as a child and that could have contributed to it's failing. He would be 99 now. Several of his contemporaries went on the play with the Lawrence Welk orchestra. It is my recollection that he passed away on August 11, 1945 and I would have been ten years old at the time. My brother Brian would have been two. I would like to hear from anyone with more information, but I know that anyone who knew him would be very old now and unlikely to remember. I have searched all the music archives, including the Detroit radio stations, I can find for any reference to him and his music without any results. He was on WXYZ, WJBK, WWJR.

George Wilkinson Warren Airport

Hello Linda Horton, Was he the son of George Wilkinson and Prudence Gouldin? Your mother was Bernice? Where was he working when he was in the accident and what do you know about the airport? Mr. Prince must have been his instructor... Thank You Best Regards Kurt