Eagle River, MI (Lake Superior) Steamer HUDSON Wreck, Sep 1901

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Wreckage of the steamer HUDSON, which sunk in the severe storm off Eagle River, September 16th is being found on the shores near Keweenaw Point covering a distance of several miles, says the Houghton Gazette. The big steamer lies in deep water three miles to the north and west off Eagle River. Only one body, that of SHERMAN BROOKS, the mate which was found in the wreckage of the cabin off Keweenaw Point, thirty-five miles or more from the scene of the wreck, has been found.
Captain Henry Corgan, keeper of the main light at Copper Harbor, searched the shore and made important discoveries. He reports having left Copper Harbor on the 20th, and having, with him his son, searched the shore for several miles finding scattered wreckage. There were some of the boards floating in the water and these were recognized by the paint as being from the ill-fated steamer, a rope box, with the name "HUDSON" painted on one end; a bell pull, several sashes and doors, bedding, pillows and mattresses. Further up the shore was found the yawl boat with the four oars fastened firmly to the seats and with the name "HUDSON" painted on the stern. Several hatch covers were also picked up, an ice box, and beef carrier.
A rivet was found under some boards. It had been broken as squarely off as if it were filed, and marine men say that there is no doubt but that the boat is torn to pieces. She broke in two amidships, and it must have been with a terrible crash and force to break the half inch bolts in such a manner, and wreck her machinery into such an unshapen mass.
The winds which have been prevailing for the past two days would drive the bodies onto Manitou Island or on the shores of Keweenaw Point. A systematic search for the bodies will be made soon.

Sault News Record Sault Ste. Marie Michigan 1901-09-26