Sparta, MI Tornado, Jun 1860

The Tornado in Michigan.

Our supposition that the late tornado, after striking Late Michigan, had exhausted itself on the water, proves to have been erroneous. The Grand Have Clarion of Tuesday last, which we examined carefully for any traces of the storm, gave no evidence of anything unusual in the atmospheric line, in that quarter. But the Grand Rapids Herald of the same date learns that it came across in undiminished force on Sunday night, sweeping over the northern townships of Ottawa county, and leaving fearful devastation in its track, though it is not known as yet that any lives were lost. The Herald’s informant states that the roof of the barn belonging to Nathan EARLE, in the town of Sparta, was taken completely off; while his sheds, fences &c., were all blown down. The hurricane swept over a space of a hundred rods in width, tearing up trees, and doing a great amount of damage to all the farms within its path. In the town of Sparta, trees were twisted completely off by the wind, leaving only stumps three or four feet in height.

Chicago Press and Tribune, Chicago, IL 8 Jun 1860