Grand Rapids & Kent County, MI Tornado, 1836

The fearful tornado which swept across Central Michigan in 1836 is still living in the memories of the old settlers. Almost every resident in the valley of the Grand Rapids suffered from its results. Justus C. Rogers who located in Kent County in 1835, erected a frame house on section 14, Wyoming township, during the spring of 1836, made it a neat pioneer dwelling and had its surroundings tastefully arranged when the terrific storm swept over his home, taking the house from its foundation and moving it a distance of 18 feet, and turning it completely round. The shingles and boards of the roof were scattered over the country for a mile in the course of the whirlwind. The log house of Cyrus Jones, then standing in section 6, Paris township, was blown away, the few barns then in the track were scattered far and wide, so that the ruthless wind may be said to have left neither house nor forest in its course untouched.

History of Kent County, Michigan, 1881, pages 242-243